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Alberta Coal Branch
Second Blow Strikes Coal Branch Area

Special to the Bulletin

MOUNTAIN PARK, June 21--A second blow has hit the unfortunate Coal Branch area.

Mountain Park Coal Company has ceased operations and thrown 135 men out of work.

Lack of markets, no subsidy and higher freight rates were given as the cause of the closing.

Underground mining ceased in February and only the strip-mine has been operating since, Order to quit work was issued by the mine manager, Don McKinnon, yesterday at 11 a.m.


Last week five miners were killed in a slide within the mine where they worked at Cadomin and the flood which caused it washed away some of the homes.

Closing of the mine will probably mean the small village in the beautiful mountain valley will be just another skeleton mining town in a few months. It had been in operation since 1914.

Already anxious miners, some of whom had grown up in the village, were preparing to leave.

Edmonton Bulletin, 21 June 1950

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