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Alberta Coal Price Raised As Costs Climb

Living Cost Bonuses to Mine Employees Said Cause


Three Types of Coal Are Affected by Change Here

An increase of 15 cents per ton in the retail price of lump stove and mine-run coal was put into effect.

The increase in coal was said to be necessary to offset cost-of-living bonuses granted to mine workers in Alberta. The wholesale price, it was reported in Calgary, went into effect throughout the province Sept. 1.

Dealers here did not raise the price because most of them had stock on hand. The increases also are effective at points outside the province, including Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and many other points.

Only three sizes of coal are affected here. Lump coal is the most popular for domestic use. In Edmonton the new price of lump coal is $4.65, while in Calgary the price is $7.50.

Stove coal here is $4.15; mine run, $4.40; and nut remains at $3.25.

Edmonton Journal, 8 September 1941.

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