Abstract: Computers in the Faculty of Health Science -- 5 years on

Zelmer, AC Lynn and Stewart, SM (1998). "Computers in the Faculty of Health Science -- 5 years on", International Journal of Medical Informatics, 50 (1998) pp 133-137.


In 1989, the Faculty of Health Science at Central Queensland University (CQU) committed itself to a major instructional development project for its nursing education program. Partially supported by a National Priority (Reserve) Fund (NPRF) grant, the Faculty undertook a multi-year project to develop computer-based learning materials. The success of that project was mixed. However, by 1993 staff and students within the Faculty were using computers regularly, many of the staff were involved in developing computer-based instructional materials, and some staff were using available computer-based tools to extend the scope of the standard Health Science materials developed under the project. As well, the Faculty was committed to using Faculty funds for technical support staff to maintain its computer infrastructure and to assist both staff and students in using that infrastructure. The authors review the original NPRF project, then explore the Faculty's continued development and use of computer-based learning materials through an examination of student and staff evaluations, personal recollections, and subsequent projects. This paper demonstrates that the NPRF project spawned a number of other computer-based developments, including the offering of health informatics degree programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the development of the Faculty's current Internet site and a CD-ROM based interactive multimedia project for diabetes education. It also demonstrates that moderate levels of funding can maintain a computer-literate Faculty which views computers as essential tools for learning.

PhD Study: A case study of organisational change and the original development of computer-based learning materials in the Faculty of Health Science.

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