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Internet and Web Technology: On-Line Information Strategies
National Health Informatics Conference -- Hobart 1999

Special Interest Groups
Achoo: Healthcare on Line
This site offers information, "trivia" and opportunities to purchase health-related equipment and services as well as links to many other sites. The site is sponsored by MNI Systems Corporation, "an information technology company with focus in the Healthcare sector". The site indicates that the sponsors subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation.
Diabetes Australia
Provides information about the organisation and its component members. Other pages have been "under construction" for some time, but there are links to other diabetes organisations which provide consumer-level information on diet and management of diabetes.
Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases
This site is offered by the (US) National Institutes of Health. It offers information about the NIH Osteoporosis National Resource Centre as well a client-level information, professional information and links to other sites.
Tobacco Control Supersite
This site is offered by the Dept of Public Health and Community Medicine of the University of Sydney. It has links to tobacco industry internal reports, international information, Australian statistics and a wide range of control issues.
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This workshop is presented by A C Lynn Zelmer, PhD, a Central Queensland University senior lecturer who has long been involved in health training and health informatics. Contact him by e-mail at L.Zelmer@CQU.edu.au or visit his Home Page at http://vl-zelmer.cqu.edu.au. Research was provided by Hon Prof Amy E Zelmer, Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences, Central Queensland University.
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