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Internet and Web Technology: On-Line Information Strategies
National Health Informatics Conference -- Hobart 1999

Australian Legislation

Paragraph indent Of course, many other kinds of information can be found through websites. For example there are federal and state sites carrying the full text of all current legislation. In most cases these can be accessed through the relevant state home page which will then have a link to other more detailed pages, usually with a search engine. Queensland is used as the example below. Other states can also be accessed through the Commonwealth site.

AusInfo Home Page
Australian Government information site. Window on the Law has Commonwealth legislation and case law, state and territory legislation and case law. A search on "medical negligence", for example, produced 35 hits on 16/8/99.
Queensland Government
Links to "The Premier", "Queensland Government Jobs", "Media Statements", "Government Gazettes" and "Queensland Today" as well as "Legislation online". Clicking on "Legislation online" will take you to:
Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel
Can provide electronic reprints for both Acts as passed and subordinate legislation as made. The search facility is useful if you are not quite sure of which legislation may be applicable. For example a search on the term "public health" returned 20 separate document titles.
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This workshop is presented by A C Lynn Zelmer, PhD, a Central Queensland University senior lecturer who has long been involved in health training and health informatics. Contact him by e-mail at L.Zelmer@CQU.edu.au or visit his Home Page at http://vl-zelmer.cqu.edu.au. Research was provided by Hon Prof Amy E Zelmer, Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences, Central Queensland University.
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