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Internet and Web Technology: On-Line Information Strategies
National Health Informatics Conference -- Hobart 1999

Consumer Data
HealthInsite Project
Operated by the Dept of Health and Aged Care to provide "a web-based facility, with navigational ad search infrastructure, which provides links to reliable and relevant health information....The project's major focus is on the provision of up-to-date information for health consumers". The was site is to be officially launched on 9 August 1999, but still appears to be in "pilot" mode as of 17 August 1999.
Commercial site providing comparative hospital data by diagnosis for virtually every hospital in the U.S.. Data on average charge, average payment, average length of stay and mortality is available for free. The site was partly the product of a Health Care Financing Administration grant to determine the feasibility of placing this type of information on the Internet.
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This workshop is presented by A C Lynn Zelmer, PhD, a Central Queensland University senior lecturer who has long been involved in health training and health informatics. Contact him by e-mail at L.Zelmer@CQU.edu.au or visit his Home Page at http://vl-zelmer.cqu.edu.au. Research was provided by Hon Prof Amy E Zelmer, Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences, Central Queensland University.
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