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Internet and Web Technology: On-Line Information Strategies
National Health Informatics Conference -- Hobart 1999

Paragraph indent Web surfing may lead to more user injuries than other computer tasks, according to a recent study by ergonomics experts Anthony D. Andre and Jeff English. Users often surf the Web in their free time, and are less conscious of posture and hand positions. People frequently lean away from the mouse while surfing, placing greater strain on wrists and elbows. Furthermore, scrolling on a Web page requires constant pressure on the mouse button, sometimes straining a user's fingers. Many Web surfers keep their hands on the mouse while waiting for pages to download, rather than using this as a rest period. According to the study, surfers should move closer to the mouse, switch positions while pages are downloading, use a scrolling mouse, and avoid leaning on the arm that is not controlling the mouse.
Paragraph indent (New York Times 08/05/99)

Paragraph indent From my own experience with Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS, formerly RSI) I've found that a large (2.25" or 5.5 cm) trackball is much more comfortable than a mouse, trackpad or small trackball for both general computing and graphic manipulations.
Paragraph indent The item above came from the electronic version of the New York Times. Hundreds of newspapers have an electronic version on the web--read them for general information. It will usually be faster, however, to use a health- or safety-oriented search engine/site to find information related to personal health and ergonomics.

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety
Includes legislation, codes of practice, injury database, educational materials and an interactive hospitality industry skills test.
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This workshop is presented by A C Lynn Zelmer, PhD, a Central Queensland University senior lecturer who has long been involved in health training and health informatics. Contact him by e-mail at L.Zelmer@CQU.edu.au or visit his Home Page at http://vl-zelmer.cqu.edu.au. Research was provided by Hon Prof Amy E Zelmer, Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences, Central Queensland University.
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