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A C Lynn Zelmer, Coordinator
E-mail: lynn @ (without spaces)

Box 1414 Main Post Office
Rockhampton Qld 4700 Australia

Lynn Zelmer photo Individual's modelling interests change over time and I'm no exception. I've primarily been exploring the use of photorealistic card modelling for structures and rolling stock. This has resulted in building more "QR and Queensland shire than sugar cane models but cane remains my major interest.

My Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum display layout continues to undergo changes, albeit very slowly due to changing family circumstances, and my modelling results will be there and/or in the Narrow Gauge Downunder magazine.

Canecutter's Hotel design Happy Modelling!

  Lynn Zelmer

CaneSIG is a free resource for modellers of the world's sugar cane railways. While it is affiliated with the NMRA as a Special Interest Group (SIG), membership is not required to participate or download resources. Mainline is the bi-monthly magazine of the NMRA's Australasian Region.

Materials have been provided by modellers and enthusiasts for the personal use of other modellers only. Please do not abuse this privilege; contact the copyright holders for any other use. Please contact the Coordinator if you have resources that you would like to share and become a 'member'.

CaneSIG FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Getting Started and Modelling Resources listing

Introduction to Cane Railway Modelling (25 page pdf file with 2008 convention presentation notes); Modelling Handbooks (How to' tips for modelling Queensland's cane railways, pdf files).

Free downloadable card kits.

Members' Models

Gallery of N, HO, S & O scale and Large/Garden sugar cane railway models.

Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum ( CSRM, Lynn Zelmer's HOn30 and On30 models)

Narrow Gauge DownUnder magazine articles relevant to sugar cane railways (some as pdf downloads).

Industry Information: Australia and Overseas

Australian Sugar Mills: current and closed mills, etc.

Sugar Outside Australia: Sugar cane industry/railways in Angola, Argentina, Australia, Cuba, Egypt, Fiji, India. Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, USA

Image Collection

Includes over 11,000 images, plans, etc., of Australian and overseas railway locomotives, wagons, buildings, scenes/locales, etc.; with an emphasis on images related to sugar cane or Queensland's rail heritage.

Recommended Off-site Links

Organisations: ATRQ (Association of Tourist Railways Queensland), LRRSA (Light Railway Research Society of Australia).

Australian Magazines: AMRM (Australian Model Railway Magazine), Narrow Gauge Down Under and Light Railways (LRRSA).

Heritage Railways/Museums: ASCR (Australian Sugar Cane Railway, Bundaberg), ANGRMS (Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society Woodford), ILRMS (Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society, NSW), and ASIM (Australian Sugar Industry Museum, Mourilyan, Qld).

Selected listing of YouTube Video Resources: Queensland railways and tramlines, sugar cane in Australia and overseas, narrow gauge.

Cane Train Safety

Be Aware during the cane crushing season - usually May to November each year (in Queensland).

Look out for flashing lights positioned at level crossings on major roads.

Become familiar with cane train crossings in your area, recognize the signs and be aware of crossings on less major roads that do not have flashing lights.

Don't race a cane train.

Educate your children to stay away from cane rail tracks and cane trains.

[Thanks to Bundaberg Sugar for these tips]

last updated: 29 July 2016.

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