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Australian Academy of Tai Chi (AATC) classes in Rockhampton include gentle stretches and warm-up exercises, shibashi/Qigong exercises, and the Khor-style tai chi set. More advanced students work on improving their form, additional shibashi/Qigong related exercises, and weapons forms.

Most classes are held outdoors under appropriate Covid restrictions: social distancing, hand washing, etc. Masks may be optional, but do not attend class if you are feeling unwell. A Qigong-only class is offered online via zoom.

Some classes use the Bo Yoga® style balance bar to focus on balance improvement and a Qigong-style staff routine.

Check the Classes page for details.

Master Aaron Khor demonstrating Levels 1 & 2 (above)

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Pain doesn't equal progress! You may need to consult your doctor before commencing a tai chi program. Our tai chi program is a relaxing art that promotes balance, flexibility and proper breathing but it is your responsibility to be aware of your personal circumstances and adjust your activities to avoid injury.

What is Khor Style Tai Chi? [2019 blog note by Master Aaron Khor. See more on National site.]

Why exercise is so important as you age. It doesn't matter much how much you exercised in your youth, according to the science. What really matters is how much you exercise now.

What is Qigong? Qigong video note by Bo Yoga's Nate Guadagni.

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