Alberta Coal Branch collection, A C Lynn Zelmer. 
Copyright © 1910-1997 A C Lynn Zelmer and other copyright holders

Alberta Coal Branch Collection
Sampler Contents

This sampler contains selected items, including the materials for a conference presentation, from a CD-based collection of reference materials. The indexes indicate the full range of materials available on the CD except that the video materials are available in both 1/16th and 1/4 screen sizes.

The CD was assembles as a private research project and is not available for distribution.
1997 Australasian NMRA Presentation
Selected images of Coalspur Alberta
Coal Branch photograph and map archive
Video clips from the Coal Branch in the early 1970s.
Contemporary newspaper articles on the Coal Branch.
A selection of books and articles on the Coal Branch and related topics; includes direct access to a number of articles.
Making the Alberta Coal Branch Collection, including technical notes on tools and techniques used.

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