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Alberta Coal Branch
Highest Village Now Has Highway

Mountain Park Connected By Motor Road With Its Neighbours


(Special to the Journal)

MOUNTAIN PARK, June 30--After an isolated existence of 21 years in regard to highway communication with neighbouring towns, the highest village in Canada, having an altitude of 6,200 feet above sea level, has just been connected by auto road with Cadomin and Luscar. No longer restricted to using the railway, residents are now enjoying the novelty of autos.

The completion of the road marks another step forward in communication on the coal branch. Already half a dozen cars are enroute to Mountain park and will no doubt be followed by more in the near future.

The establishment of this communication was made possible the energy, determination and generosity of one man. A.N. Scott, general superintendent of Mountain Park Coal company and Luscar Collieries limited. After futile efforts to obtain the co-operation, Mr. Scott decided to do the work on his own initiative and the result can now be seen in a good motor car road to Mountain park.

Last year Mr. Scott and his loyal supporters at Luscar built a road between Luscar and Cadomin which is much used and formed the chief means of communication between these two towns. This year, by improving part of an existing trail, using parts of the government road built under relief measures and building four miles of new road, he has opened up the country so that some of the amenities of present day life can be enjoyed not only by residents but also by friends at Cadomin, who are already showing their appreciation by using the road to the fullest extent.

Although the three Coal branch towns are now connected by an auto road, the dream of an outlet to the Jasper highway is still unrealized and it is hoped that some co-operative movement can be encouraged soon to attain this objective.

Edmonton Journal, 1 July 1934.

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