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Resolution of Appreciation

The following is an excerpt from the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Mountain Park Coal Company, Limited, held on 21st March, 1922 -

(b). Resolution of Appreciation:

The following resolution, moved by Colonel Lindsay and seconded by Mr. G.R.F. Kirkpatrick, met with unanimous approval of the Board.

The Board of Directors of the Mountain Park Coal Company Limited take this opportunity to put on record their appreciation and admiration of the efforts made by the Officials and Employees of the Company in their successful and courageous fight with the fire which broke out on 19th January, 1922. They recognise that it was due to their untiring work carried out by the Officials and Miners in the face of extremely difficult and dangerous conditions that the whole mine is not now on fire.

The Directors propose to present some suitable gift in kind duly inscribed to the Officials engaged in the fight with the fire. These officials are -

Mr. R.G. Drinnan, Mining Managing Director.
Mr. A.N. Scott, Mine Manager.
Mr. Shaw, Inspector of Mines.
Mr. William Robinson, Pit Boss.
Mr. Peter Anderson, Fire Boss.
Mr. Jack Price, Fire Boss.
Mr. Jack Oakley, Fire Boss.
Mr. John Arbuckle, Fire Boss.
Mr. Jack Appleton, Fire Boss.
Mr. W.J. Worrall, Master Mechanic.

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