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I started doing tai chi almost 25 years ago to help with back and RSI problems. I've taught for 18 years as a Special Needs instructor, mostly seniors but also younger aged classes and special events.

Several years ago I started doing yoga as another way of dealing with my back and neck issues. About the same time I discovered a Chinese Yoga with Staff routine that tied together yoga and tai chi weapons concepts.

I've recently been working with a senior yoga instructor to bring more yoga into my tai chi and introduce her to tai chi concepts/routines for use in her yoga classes. She pointed me at Bo Yoga® and encouraged me to enroll in the instructor training course. Once into the course it became obvious how useful it would be to introduce balance bar activities into our Rockhampton classes.

Lynn Zelmer, November 2019 lz_BoYoga Certificate

The Balance Bar

The Bo Yoga® Balance Bar comes in three lengths: 4', 5' and 6', is flexible and padded, and has non-skid ends. Both flexibility and non-skid ends are important to how the bar is used. Conventional bamboo, timber or dowel bars potentially cause too much pressure on the neck or other bones/joints.

Tai Chi/Balance Bar: U3A

Cut from 20mm internal rigid communications conduit (stock 4.5m white PVC provides 3 bars), our balance bars aren't padded but they're flexible enough for proper use. We've added 25mm rubber tips to minimise skidding.

Garden class 20 June 2020 with staff (balance bar): warmup/preparation, including tai chi walking, and Chinese Staff as Qigong exercise, 48:53 mp4. [Apologies for wind noise, but it was a fresh winter day.]

Garden lesson 20 June 2020

Bo Yoga®

This US-based yoga studio offers online courses using the Balance Bar -- Basic Balance, QiGong and Bo Yoga® instructor, etc.

Nate Guadagni/Bo Yoga

Bo Yoga® YouTube Channel: An extensive playlist of short instructional videos covering many aspects of balance training and use of the balance bar.

'Balance for Life' free 5 Day Balance Course. A more extensive course using the Balance Bar is available through the Bo Yoga® site.

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Capricorn Yoga has several instructors providing for all levels of yoga practitioner.

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